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Anyoption Review


Anyoption is an online binary options broker, enabling traders to take advantage of their services to complete trades online in an attempt to predict the movement of prices of underlying financial assets. 


As a broker Anyoption strives to provide top of the range educational materials.  Plus a large list of assets and trade types, as well as offering a positive experience overall for binary options traders.   Today we will look just what they have to offer to see how well they stack up against their competitors.


Anyoption Products

As any prosperous binary options trader will tell you, having access to several different trade types will make the whole process of trading a lot more fun as well as profitable  Having said  that, Anyoption have made a point of providing all the trade types binary options traders at the top that they know and love and then some! Listed below are the products that Anyoption presently have to offer…


•             Standard Binary Options – Standard binary options are the most basic of binary option trades. When trading binary options, all you need to do is select an asset, select an expiry period, and then decide if the price of the asset is going to fall or rise by the time the expiry period finishes. If you are right then, you stand to see returns that might be as high as 70%+!


•             One-Touch Options – One-touch options are arguably one of the most impressive, and undeniably  among the most lucrative kinds of options trades. With One-touch options, you do not need to foresee just what is going to happen through the expiry period. Instead, you select an asset, select a strike price, and then select an expiry period. One value of the asset has reached the strike, price you are in the money  no matter what may happen next. This is why they are known as “One-Touch” options


•             Option + - Option + is a trade that is exclusive to Anyoption. Like any basic binary option, you will need to select an asset, an expiry time, and also decide whether the price of the asset will rise or fall within the chosen period. But what makes this option so unique is that you will have been given the capacity to sell these trades of yours back to Anyoption if it seems likely that the trade will not perform as well as you had thought it would. This provides traders with a unique tool that will all them to manage risks better!


•             0-100 Options – With 0-100 options, you opt for an event where the purchase price is somewhere between 0 and 100. Then, you guess if the event will happen or not. If your guess is right then you will earn a return on your investment of the difference between 100 and the purchase price.


•             Specials – In specials, you are able to guess what the price of Bitcoin is going to be by the end of the day, or where the value of  Alibaba’s is going to end up at by the end of its IPO. There are a number of different options available to you. All you need to do is select the option that you feel is most plausible.


Anyoption Trading Platform Features

Anyoption has lots of amazing trading platform features. But the two that stand out from the rest are…


Profit Line – The “Profit Line” graph gives traders the capacity to follow their trades and see what the estimated profits or losses are likely to be in real time; whilst having the chance to purchase options as they appear on the “Profit Line” screen. This capability has been made into a platform that is easy to use, and so it makes it much easier for you to become a successful trader in binary options.


One Click – This feature helps to speed up the whole trading process. Once you have clicked the call or put button, the trade will be executed straight away without any need for further confirmation from you  which normally slows the process down.


Ease of Use

One of the finest things regarding Anyoption is how straightforward the website and platform as a whole are to use. Anyoption have made a point of preventing their system from being too convoluted by not providing you data that isn’t necessary.  They have taken the unnecessary steps out of the trading process. As a result of this everything you need to find is accessible nearly straight away. Plus removal of the steps that you are use to means that trading with Anyoption is much more efficient!


Training Is Provided

One of the things I loved the best was the trading academy made available by Anyoption.


With so many new people showing an interest in binary options trading, Anyoption places a great deal of importance on offering training materials that will  help these beginners to succeed. In Anyoption’s trading academy, you will find they provide the following resources…


•             Trading Guides –The trading guides offered at Anyoption are especially intuitive guides devised to turn a novice trader into an expert one. They cover everything from what binary options are to how to trade them,  to more advance concepts such as risk management, advanced trading strategies, and much much more! With such comprehensive  information, even the most experienced traders will find things of value in these guides.


•             Beginner Video on Demand – If you are only just getting involved with trading, there are a number of things that you will find that you need before you begin. With the Beginner Video on Demand, you will  learn everything there is you need to know in order to help you get started!


•             Advanced Video on Demand – Once you have gained a better understanding of what binary options are and how they work, you are going to want to start looking into concepts that are more advance. So, Anyoption provides Advanced Video on Demand. In these videos you will learn more about advanced trading concepts such as risk management, advanced strategies, understanding market indicators, and so much more! These videos have been designed to help turn you into an expert in just a matter of hours!


•             Product Tutorials – Every option type offered works a little differently. So, Anyoption provides tutorials about the products that go over the various trade types in more detail so you learn more about how to trade them successfully.


•             eBook – The eBook offered at Anyoption is a very innovative guide designed to teach you anything and everything you need to know for you to be able to become a successful trader.


•             Articles – Finally Anyoption provides a number of great options devised to teach beginners exactly what binary options are and how they work. These articles include…


  • What are binary options? – This article provides beginners with more in depth information so they get a better  understanding of exactly what binary options are and how they work.

            How to trade binary options – This article speaks about how easy it is to trade binary options.

  • Benefits of binary options trading – Finally, this article explains the unique benefits associated with trading binary options.


Deposits and Withdrawals

With Anyoption, you are able to arrange deposits and withdrawals using the following methods…


•             Credit Card – You are able to make deposits and withdrawals using your American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.


•             Bank Wire Transfer – You can make deposits and withdrawals through use of a bank wire transfer


•             Domestic Payments – Other domestic payment methods may be available to you.  But this depends on the currency where you live.


•             Skrill – You can make deposits using Skrill. However at this time withdrawals via Skrill are not allowed.


Anyoption Mobile Trading


One Click Trading App – As consumers, workers, parents, and investors, we are all pretty busy.  That is why having the ability to be able trade on the go is important.


Anyoption offers a One Click Trading app that gives you the capability to invest quickly with their easy to use platform; no matter where you may be. The best part is, the Anyoption One Click trading app isn’t only available for both iOS and Android smartphones but tablets as well!


Anyoption In-Depth Blog

Another of my favorite things when it comes to Anyoption is their blog. Here you will find hundreds of blog posts on a wide selection of subjects that include the following:…


Market Insights – Providing you detailed insights into the market based upon current events and news.


As a binary options trader, your job is to predict the movement of the market and these insights provide you with a unique position whilst trading.


Analysis Video’s – Anyoption also provides you with  in-depth technical analysis videos that will give you  an idea of where opportunities in the market lie.


Training Guides – Lastly you will find numerous blog posts that will show you how it is possible to become a more prosperous binary options trader.


Anyoption Overall

Overall, Anyoption provides an outstanding service. Through providing exceptional training materials, a massive asset index, several different trading types, and a platform that is so very easy to use; Anyoption has produced a tool that is perfect not just for beginners, but also intermediates, and binary options traders with more advanced skills to use!


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