Dash launched a cryptocurrency transaction SMS service for Venezuela residents

Dash launched a cryptocurrency transaction SMS service for Venezuela residents05.11.2018

Dash launched a cryptocurrency transaction SMS service for Venezuela residents

Dash cryptocurrency project announced the launch of Dash Text, SMS cryptocurrency transaction services for Venezuelan users. In a posting announcement last week, the company said that Dash Text eliminates the need to own a smartphone and internet access for Venezuelan users to perform cryptocurrency transactions, which historically has been a significant obstacle to the spread of digital assets in a poor country suffering from hyperinflation.

To solve this problem, Dash launches a service created in partnership with BlockCypher, a startup that specializes in blockchain solutions and platform-independent blockchain products, which allow users to interact with several cryptocurrencies through a single platform. In January, BlockCypher began working with the laboratory of the Department of Energy of the United States to develop solutions that allow transactions to sell and purchase electricity in several blockchains.

Currently, as part of a beta test, Dash Text will allow users of Movistar and Digitel - the largest telecommunications providers in Venezuela - to access Dash services using a five-digit short code.

Speaking of the unique demand that spawned Dash Text, Bradley Zastrow, global head of business development at Dash Core, said:

“Venezuelans living abroad send about $ 2 billion a year in remittances. This process often takes too long and is too expensive, which makes it a big problem for many users. With Dash Text we provide real solutions that solve real problems. People need simple and cheap ways to send money home, and we created them, making the Dash ecosystem accessible even to those who do not have smartphones! Dash Text offers the perfect solution, ensuring that everyone can become part of the Dash family, no matter what phone they can afford. ”

According to the announcement, to register with Dash Text, users must send an SMS with the word “DASH” to the number 22625, and then another SMS with the word “CREAR” in order to create a Dash wallet. Once this is done, users will be able to send and receive Dash without problems via SMS, which can potentially be very useful for a significant part of the Venezuelan population, who use old models of mobile phones or do not have permanent access to the Internet.

Earlier reports have repeatedly appeared that Dash is popular with Venezuelans, who use cryptocurrency to save their savings from hyperinflation.

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