Ethereum's Constantinople Hard Fork Set for November Release

Ethereum's Constantinople Hard Fork Set for November Release12.10.2018

Ethereum's Constantinople Hard Fork Set for November Release

Programmers working on Ethereum blockchain said that the preparation for the scheduled large-scale update of Constantinople algorithm in November is strictly according to plan. During the next scheduled online conference, Etherium specialists told that the upgrade code has already been integrated into all major clients of Ethereum, including the applications developed by the Ethereum Foundation and Parity.

Following the meeting, the developers agreed that the update is likely, as planned, to occur before the end of this year. At the same time, it is not yet possible to name the exact date of the hard forks, since the code update process will start on a specific block, and the time of its release depends on the constantly changing hashrate.

The second part of the Metropolis release called Constantinople is the next system-wide update of Ethereum. The final version of the upgrade, which includes five EIP proposals for improving Ethereum, has been submitted on August 31. The update will be carried out in the form of a hard forks - the nodes on which the software is running must either be updated along with the entire system, or continue to work within a separate blockchain.

In the event that some users disagree with the change, this may lead to the appearance of two different versions of the same blockchain. Despite the fact that very radical consequences are possible (for example, as in the case of Ethereum Classic), most users will not even notice most of the changes in Constantinople, claims independent developer Lane Rettig.

Earlier, developers of Ethereum announced the transfer of the launch of the upgrade. As the head of the Ethereum Foundation team, Peter Siladi (Peter Szilagyi) said, the main reason for the delay is to provide additional time to update the software of user wallets in order to eliminate the vulnerability found in one of the five key changes to Constantinople.

“We look forward to the launch of Constantinople in the test network. We are now on the right track and hope that the full release of Constantinople will take place less than a month after the Devcon conference [to be held from October 30 to November 2]”, said the head of communications for the Ethereum Foundation, Hudson Jameson

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