This year blockchain will start adding stablecoins to the platform

This year blockchain will start adding stablecoins to the platform23.01.2019

This year blockchain will start adding stablecoins to the platform

According to The Block information resource, the popular cryptocurrency web wallet Blockchain (previously known as plans to add at least one of the stablecoin to the platform by the end of this year. This was announced by CEO Peter Smith.


“Now stablecoin compete fiercely among themselves for market share. It seems to me that in the future it will be an interesting market. Soon we will be there too”, Smith said.


He decided not to give any clear comments on future cooperation, however, he confirmed that Blockchain would list stablecoin on his platform. The Block noted that the company had previously invested in several issuers of stable coins, but their names were not specified.


“I believe that all large stablecoin need our platform, but we have to choose which one we need,” said Smith, noting that his platform is a rather attractive channel for issuers of stablecoin, since more than 32 million wallets are registered on it, and most of them are active.


Smith named the name stablecoin, who considers a promising candidate, but did not confirm directly that he would be a partner of the company:


“Now, besides Tether, there is one stablecoin on the market, which is used most often, but at the same time there is not much information about it - this is Paxos. If you look at its trading volumes, you can see that this indicator is the highest among all competitors, it also has the deepest liquidity and the largest capitalization. At the same time, the company does not have a retail partner that could promote this brand”.


According to the Blockchain CEO, the company's interest in stable coins is since large cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, eventually become more investment instruments and gradually lose their payment function.


“We are not trying to simplify the process of investing in Bitcoin. We create the best way to access financial services. Thanks to stable coins, we will be able to open bank accounts in US dollars for anyone who wants to”, graduated Smith.

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