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Welcome to fxcommander.com. This informational website about forex, crypto and options trading is dedicated to the private leveraged products traders. Its goal is to be an informational  platform allowing fellow experienced traders to stay informed and share their insights and help forex and binary options newbies stay safe and profitable on the long run. The connotation of our logo and graphics is that trading of leveraged instruments such as Forex, CFD’s, Futures, Crypto and Options is a complicated task that demands the trader to constantly be aware of multiple independent factors. A pilot is constantly monitoring multiple parameters and takes crucial decisions according to the gathered data in a very short period of time. As a trader you must monitor multiple factors as well , starting from media feeds (news) covering macro economics, trends and momentum of the traded assets through Technical Analysis, social channels, economic events, position and exposure across the market and all of that after acquiring the proper knowledge, resumes into a fast decision. Landing a good trade isn’t an easy task and Fxcommander.com provides you the resources, news updates, sharing center, forex brokers and binary options brokers reviews and comparison, learning center for beginners and more.  Remember, trading without knowledge is gambling!


About us:


Fxcommander.com is an informational portal designated to Forex, Crypto and Options traders. Our goal is to draw a clear picture about the Forex, Crypto and Options industry altogether with keeping traders safe and profitable on the long term. As much as advanced traders are important to us, there is a place for new traders joining the thrilling markets, therefore our learning center and support. With a deep understanding of how advanced investments products can wipe funds in seconds, we are here to offer any learning material, phone support and training. Our team is formed of highly educated individuals with a long trading experience. As much as we would like to offer signals and market calls, we stay objective and focused.

We can be reached almost anytime and requesting a call back is highly welcome.

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