Siemens is exploring the possibility of using blockchain in carsharing

Siemens is exploring the possibility of using blockchain in carsharing16.07.2019

Siemens is exploring the possibility of using blockchain in carsharing

German technology giant Siemens is considering the use of blockchain in the transport industry and mobile network.

According to Forbes, the head of Siemens Corporate Technology's cybersecurity and blockchain division Andreas Kind (Andreas Kind) said that the company seeks to introduce technology into the car sharing industry through its subsidiary Siemens Mobility.

One of the problems in the car sharing system, according to Kind, is associated with fuel cards that allow tenants to refuel with gasoline. At the same time, the use of the card is limited, for example, customers can refuel only at certain stations. In addition, sometimes these cards are stolen.

“This is inconvenient not only for drivers, but also for companies, because fuel cards are stolen and sold online. This is an example of when, in an industrial context, you need some kind of technology that brings together different system participants who don’t trust each other. It is in these cases that the blockchain can increase efficiency, ”he said.

Siemens is also considering the introduction of the blockchain in other areas of the transport sector. As previously reported, Siemens Corporate Technology presented a possible solution using the blockchain for “smart parking” at the Bosch Connected World 2019 conference.

The company is also considering options for using the blockchain for supply chains and production. Obviously, Siemens is inclined to use a controlled blockchain, but the company is still at the testing stage and is reportedly studying the viability of various options.

This is not the first experience of the company in the field of work with the blockchain. In February, it became known that Commerzbank, Continental and Siemens use the blockchain in the securities market, and in November last year, Siemens joined the EWF to develop the blockchain in the energy sector.

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